Aug 30, 2010


Most people are "optimists" (another word for stupid) when it comes to their existance and the experiences they'd like to have DURING their existance. 
I write this because while hoards of morons (i.e. individuals) create litany, conjure up ideas and plans in their sorry eggheads-OR- truly passionately declare with conviction that they're going to "live like they're dying" or the famous and worn out "carpe diem"- they never actually follow through. Oh yeah, and then times up and they're pushing daisies. Tragic. We however are 2 persistent and invigorated chums who'd like to actually live, and then die, but better. We plan on documenting (through word and photos) our adventures, travels, experiences, and all the tomfoolery that WE'VE taken the time to scribble down, conjure and declare-with gumption. [this will be shared later] And so help us, we shall achieve this.

Before we introduce ourselves, let me just say that no one's perfect.

You see, while we are but two lowly, inhabitants of earth who -in fact- need NO introduction, we absolutely INSIST upon it. I'll begin by disclosing to you (the general public or just to YOU Karrie) what impressive people we are. After that I'll illustrate (in extensive detail) all the brilliant things we've done for our community. 

Then I'll conclude by saying some things that are true.

It started as a lull. For me anyways.
And while it IS undeniable that Karrie started her bucket list long before I did and therefore it's that much more stately, I secretly attribute that to the fact that I have friends. While I was out having a social life, being productive, accomplishing goals, reaching dreams, and ultimately being a change for good in this sad world, Karrie [my sidekick] was at home. At home allowing boredom, social retardation, and slow reflexes to take root in her cerebrum, only to reappear as her "personality" later. I don't know exactly how that produced her bucket list, but I'm sure it doesn't matter.
I guess I should probably allow her to introduce herself before I give more away. 
Yeah I know. Riiiiiiight.

So let's talk about me!
ME. {The greatest thing to come out of the 80's.}
I know I know, pretty hard to believe when some highlights of the 80's include ridiculous shoelaces, Michael Jackson and yes, prozac. But I didn't ask for this, and I refuse to be persecuted for it. My name is Chelsea. But because I envy those that can shorten their name to just a few simple letters (i.e. Michael to Mike, Matthew to Matt, Brittney to Britt- you get the picture) I shall do the same. 
Henceforth I shall be Che'. 

I'm a different kind of awesome.
Let me try and explain.
If I were a natural disaster, I'd be an active erupting volcano. Sort of like how the one in Pisa Italy was years back. Come on, you know the one I'm talking about. It obliterated thousands upon thousands of people based simply on the fact that it was spontaneous and fast. The world just wasn't ready. Most of the locals (all of the locals?) where petrified instantly because of the molten ash. May they all rest in peace.  Now, I haven't killed anyone, that you know of- but I frequently take the world by surprise, like said volcanoe. To a point where bafflement, blank stares, and drooling are pretty dependable symptoms. [instant petrification]. I guess that's what happens when you're good looking also but..whatevs.

But let me ask you, have YOU ever backpacked through Italy (at 19) by yourself for a month? Didn't think so. What about lived on nothing but bamboo rat (that you had to trap, skin, and gut yourself) in the festering jungles of Thailand for several weeks? No!?
Then you've probably never been Black either. Don't feel bad, we can't all be. It's not like I think I'm superior to anyone or anything....

I'd like to write more but frankly I think the world might be a tad bit overloaded by what I've shared thus far. {and I suppose I better leave some explanation of our plan to Kbaby.} I'd like to conclude with 3 fun facts about myself {so we all can get to know each other a little better} before I turn this sucker entirely over to Karrie for her own little prologue (and I mean "little" in a literal sense).
1) First of all, I think I'm racist. And I also think it's funny. I heard a great new Black joke today compliments of my friend Nicole Kerr. What do you call the black stuff between an elephants toes? Slow natives! Ha! Get it! Yeah, so boss.
2) Next, I don't enjoy being around people that wear substandard footwear. I don't care what anyone says. Shoes are important, if you're going to wear them. If you don't have good quality shoes, please go barefoot. I'd rather see your fungus infected toenails, moles, and hairy hobbit feet then scruffy looking trainers. Seriously.
3) And lastly I have a secret desire to become a tightrope walker. 

And now to Karrie....

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