Aug 31, 2010

To go along with Che’s introduction of our sweet project, I was one of those people who had many big ideas but was lacking the motivation and/or courage to take control and make sure I was having all the experiences I wanted to have during my existence. I never was one to declare that I was going to “live like I was dying” or anything like that. I just wanted to have amazing experiences that would help shape the person I will become. So even though I have never lived off of some diseased rodent from the orient or wandered around Europe with a candy bar and a 20 dollar bill only to come home and claim that I was “backpacking” I feel like I have realized that to have the kind of experiences I am looking for I have to take a step into the unknown and see what life has to offer. 

Now Chelsea is right about a few things….but she is wrong about a lot more. It may be true that she has spent her freedom years out conquering the world and living her dreams and accomplishing her goals, but I have spent my freedom years making the world (or at least this community) a better place for its inhabitants, and while I have been feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and providing better homes for those who need them my bucket list was born. I have lived in a “world of pure imagination” (sung like Willy Wonka) spending my time really wondering what I want to do with myself when I muster up the courage. I don’t know if what I have now is courage, boredom or just the need for something to shake up my life, but whatever it is it’s here and you can call me pepper.

Chelsea is an active volcano….I am more like a hurricane. I start off small but when I get going I can cause some damage, I am predictable to an extent but no one is ever really sure when I will hit and they never know how hard it will be. But who wants to be compared to a natural disaster (huh Chels?) I am a lover not a fighter and definitely not a disaster.

Some more facts about me!!
(there will be a quiz later)

I love snow cones

I sing in the shower

I cry over ridiculous things (sporting events, books, tattoos, songs, ellen degeneres, etc. If you ever want details on why these things make me emotional just ask)

I love crafternoon and anything else that lets me be creative

I want to become a fisher person

I guess I might as well tell you our plan since we have been hinting at it now for two very long posts. You can probably tell from what we have said that we are out to have some fun. C-Money and I have come up with a plan, to write a list of amazing things we have always wanted to experience and jam pack them into 2011. The list is still in the works but we have a wide variety of ideas from getting our palms read to riding a camel. We are using this blog as a journal to ourselves and anyone else who may be interested or may need a kick in the pants to jump start their own lives. If you fit into either of those categories then stay tuned!

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