Sep 10, 2010

{Yes} It's the bona fide truth. We basically back handed and slapped silly an item off our ledger this evening. (If your too slow to not realize which one it is by now, you certainly have no business being here. I'll wait quietly while you navigate to a different and hopefully distant part of the internet.)


Gone? Brilliant.
Now. Karrie's pretty thrilled about this whole congruence. Marooning innocent calling cards in various niches has a slight criminal and teenybopper ambience. I guess that's what causes Karrie to be lured to the idea. But I'm not judging it, just how I didn't judge her when she told me she and her "friends" stayed up for the midnight release of a "BackStreet Boys" CD in high school-she just wants to "give back" by being an inspiration. And who can blame her!? If there's one thing I've learned in the last while it's that it's what you give that makes you beautiful. So hopefully Karrie will be able to hand out enough of these suckers to accomplish that. But I won't be holding my breath. In fact I have a whole list of things that would be more worth my time.

said list:
um. breathing.
watching grass grow
milking a goat
petting a goat
turning around

Alright alright, it would be disingenuous if you believed that I didn't enjoy myself a little. And while this is something that I suspect will have to be ongoing, the triumphant feeling of checking something OFF is definitely worth it. (I suspect this is K's first time experiencing such a vibe, so let's all make sure to smile and nod in her direction.)


So that's that. Moving on to more get to know you stuff. 3 seems to be the true-to-type number, so I'm mixing it up a little. REBEL! REBEL! REBEL! Tonight I'll leave you with 4.

-I quite enjoy the taste of charcoal. That being said it makes sense that burnt meals, snacks, any type of cookery is RIGHT up my alley. I purposefully burn popcorn, toast, meat, marsh mellows, vegetables, you name it. If it's blackened, I'll snarf it, probably because I look like it.

-Out of the norm things make me want to [vomit;] the smell of metal, people cracking their necks, shoes that squeak, the THOUGHT of breaking a bone, drooling or gleeking, spiders. Put any of these things in my path and I'll be looking for a trash can. Seriously.

-I toss or turn {whichever makes sense to YOU} 5 times before falling asleep. ONLY 5, every night.

-I made an agreement when I was 15-16 yrs old that I would give my friend Emily my first born child because she wants brown children (who DOESN'T?). I promised my 2nd to Nicole. The 3rd one will be mine.

To you K.

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